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Terms & Conditions

Terms &Conditions

Please read these terms carefully before visiting or using the website.


A. Marmara Gonianaki Industrial and Commercial S.A., Z-G Industrial Area of Heraklion, Crete - Greece, PC 71601, with Tax Identification No. 999979183, Tax Office of Heraklion (hereinafter "Stonetech" or “we”) created and maintains the website www.stonetechb2b.com (hereinafter, the “website”) and the Stonetech B2B Portal (hereinafter “B2B Portal") where businesses and industry professionals (hereinafter “You”), acting in their own name or on their behalf, for purposes relating to their commercial, business, craft or professional activities, may obtain information about products, services and other topics, request a quote, place an order etc.. Where applicable, “you” may refer to all website visitors, as well as to registered users of the B2B Portal. 

B. Your access to the website and B2B Portal is subject to your acceptance of the present terms and conditions and our privacy policy (hereinafter altogether the “Terms”) and is made by your own means and through selected by you companies and providers. By accessing the B2B Portal, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agree to be bound by the Terms. You further acknowledge that the Terms constitute a contract between You and the Company, even though it is electronic and is not physically signed by You and the Company, and it governs your use of the B2B Portal. If you are entering into this agreement on behalf of a company, business, or other legal entity (“Entity”), you represent that you have the authority to contractually bind such Entity to this agreement, in which case the terms “you” or “your” will refer to such Entity. IF YOU DO NOT HAVE SUCH AUTHORITY TO CONTRACTUALLY BIND SUCH ENTITY TO THESE TERMS, OR IF YOU DO NOT AGREE WITH THESE TERMS, YOU MUST NOT ACCEPT THESE TERMS AND YOU MAY NOT ACCESS OR USE THE B2B PORTAL.

In case You are an Entity, it is agreed that you shall act through your representative at the B2B Portal (hereinafter referred to as the “Contact Person’’), the details of which are provided upon registration through the registration form. You expressly recognize as valid, enforceable and binding all activities that shall be carried out by your Contact Person in your name and on your behalf and stead under the conditions and limits set forth by your competent administrative body.

C. Stonetech reserves the right to (i) change or delete any or all content and offerings of the B2B Portal, (ii) individualize the content and offerings for You at any time, (iii) renew or upgrade part or all of the external interface, structure or configuration of the website as well as its technical specifications, (iv) cancel, suspend, suspend permanently or temporarily or close down the website and the B2B Portal (partly or totally) without prior written notice.

Stonetech reserves the right to change these Terms (in particular by replacing parts of it with an updated version) as may be reasonably required by law and consistent with its practices. Stonetech will notify its registered members to the B2B Portal when such changes occur and any change becomes effective upon such notice by Stonetech. You are entitled to terminate these Terms if you do not agree with the above changes, otherwise the changes are deemed to be accepted by You.

D. Stonetech may, in its sole discretion, at any time, refuse You any current or future use of or access to B2B Portal, or any content and offerings posted thereon, especially if: i) You do not comply with any provision of these Terms, or ii) You or Stonetech or both terminate these Terms.


Stonetech is not required to disclose any particular information to You. Any disclosure is entirely voluntary and is not intended to be construed as: (a) creating a commitment as to any Stonetech product; (b) soliciting any business or incurring any obligation not specified herein; or (c) prohibiting either party from associating itself with competitors of the other party for purposes substantially similar to those involved herein.


A. "Confidential Information" means all information which is disclosed to You as a registered member of the B2B Portal and which Stonetech identifies as confidential and/or proprietary at the time of disclosure and/or should reasonably be understood to be confidential given the nature of the information, the circumstances surrounding its disclosure or both, including but not limited to information that is related to Stonetech products/services and their related documentation (“Stonetech Products”) including, without limitation, methods of processing, product specifications, techniques and processes relating to any Stonetech Product, product offerings, product pricing, product availability, know-how, improvements, inventions (whether patentable or not), marketing plans, forecasts and strategies, business plans;

B. You may only use or reproduce the Confidential Information for your internal purposes. You must (a) take all reasonable steps - i.e., those steps You take to protect your own similar proprietary and confidential information, which must not be less than a reasonable standard of care - to keep all Confidential Information strictly confidential; (b) not use Confidential Information for any purpose other than solely as authorized at the time of disclosure; and (c) not disclose any Confidential Information to any person other than your Representatives, i.e., your (i) employees, consultants and (sub)-contractors; and (ii) attorneys, accountants or other professional business advisors, in both cases who need to know the Confidential Information and are put under obligations of confidentiality substantially similar to those set forth herein. You shall be responsible for any breach of the Terms by You or your Representatives.

C. Confidential Information of Stonetech disclosed prior to execution of these Terms is subject to the protections afforded hereunder.

D. Neither Party will use the name of the other Party in publicity, advertising, or similar activity, without the prior written consent of the other.


A. Your registration is subject to having a valid VAT number. To register on the B2B Portal, You are required to submit the relevant application that you will find here..

When you register, you must fill in a) your name, b) your professional category, c) your tax registration number ( VAT no), d) your telephone number, e) your name or the name of your legal representative, and f) an email account where you want to receive messages and updates from us. You must fill in all the required registration details and set a password, which in case of approval, you will use for your connection to our B2B Portal. In addition to the required information fields, we advise our customers to fill in all the fields when applying their registration forms (and the optional ones), in order to gain an updated and up to date user account.

Your registration requires double-opt-in confirmation. Therefore, when you create your account, you must provide us with an email address to which you will have access to receive your account activation message.

You must confirm your email address within thirty (30) days of submitting the registration application. In case of non-activation, the data you filled in when submitting the registration application will be deleted within thirty (30) days and therefore you will have to follow the whole registration process again.

Upon receipt of the confirmation email, it is presumed that your application has been successfully received by Stonetech and that your application has been processed. Stonetech reserves the right to refuse approval to any registration application. You will be notified of the progress of your application by e-mail.

With the approval of your registration application, Stonetech will send you an email informing you of the creation of your account. At its sole discretion, Stonetech may grant different access rights to each user:

A) full access to all the services of the B2B Portal (access to the cart, history of previous quotas, reissue of invoices etc.)

B) limited access to our product catalog.

In case you receive an email notification rejecting your application please check your registration details and contact us to update them and / or review your application.

B. You guarantee that any information You provide to us, either upon your registration or through your Account, is correct, true, accurate and up-to-date and that you disclose it to us legally. Stonetech has no liability in the event that our contractual or statutory obligations are not met promptly and properly due to the use of untrue, false or outdated personal data that You state. In addition, you bear full and exclusive liability for any damage or harm caused to Stonetech due to untrue, incorrect or outdated data stated by You. Applications with incomplete or false information will be rejected. We reserve the right to reject any application at our discretion.

C. You can modify, update or correct the personal data stored in your Account at any time by entering your Account in the "Edit your account information" section. Each time you process your account information, or you change your password, you are requested to accept these Terms before saving any changes. You will also find your order and request for quotes history, or other pending actions or completed transactions in your Account.

D. Creating an Account is necessary both for gaining access to material related to You being informed as a member of the B2B Portal, and for reasons of crime prevention (for instance, fraud). When You log in to your Account, You automatically gain access to our wholesale price list, special discount prices, as well as personalized offers (if You have activated them, based on your order history and / or our current or pre-existing offline collaboration, or / and based on any interaction You have with us).

E. Account password protection: Your password identifies You and You must always keep it confidential and secure. You have the full and exclusive responsibility for protecting the password you use to log in to your Account. You must completely refrain from disclosing your password to third parties in order to prevent any unauthorized access and use. You should also inform Stonetech immediately if you have reason to believe that:

(i) your password could or may have been disclosed to a third party; or

(ii) there is a risk that your password will be used without your permission.

F. You are fully and exclusively responsible for any action (act or omission) made through your Account. Stonetech disclaims any liability for damages arising from the use of the Account due to unauthorized access or use of your Account unless you have previously informed Stonetech properly by sending an email at … ................. If you forget your password, you can recover it by following the instructions in the "Forgotten Password" field. You expressly consent to the use of the email you have stated to us upon registration for the purpose of recovering your password.


You may choose your marketing communication options upon registration by clicking on the “Newsletter” box, or through your Account. By default, our Newsletter is sent at the company email address with which You have registered. Please note that in case you have fulfilled a second email address on the registration form (“Contact Person’s email”), you will receive our Newsletter in this address too. You may unsubscribe at any time either by clicking on the relevant unsubscribe link in the newsletter, or through your Account. Please note also that a confirmation of your email address is required (double opt-in process) prior to start sending you newsletters for security reasons. 


A. You are granted a non-exclusive and non-transferable license for access and internal use for the purposes specifically agreed or if there has been no relevant agreement, to an extent that corresponds to the purpose pursued by Stonetech with this granting. This license does not in any way entail any license to download or modify the webpages or any part thereof, which is permissible only upon written permission of Stonetech. The access license provided to You does not allow any resale or commercial use, reproduction, creation of copies, copying, transmission, communication, putting on the market, modification or licensing or other exploitation of the website and B2B Portal or their content, any collection and use of any catalogues, descriptions or product photos, any derivative use of the website and B2B Portal or their content, any downloading or copying of information for the benefit of another merchant or any use of extraction tools, robots, or similar data collection and export tools. You may not export and / or reuse parts of the content of the website and B2B Portal without our prior written consent. 

B. It is forbidden to use frames or frame techniques to enclose any trademark, logo or other proprietary information (including images, text, page layout or form) of Stonetech and its affiliates without their written consent. You may not use any "meta tags" or any other "hidden text" based on the brand or trademark of Stonetech or its affiliates without their written consent. In the event of unauthorized use, the license granted by Stonetech ceases to be valid.

C. It is underlined that it is forbidden to block the operation of the website and B2B Portal and to replace or modify their contents (pictures, photographs, texts etc.). It is forbidden in any way to commit or facilitate criminal offenses, the transmission of viruses, trojan horses, worm type viruses, logical bombs, and any action in general that may result in unacceptable or excessive burden on the infrastructure or the operation of the webpages. You should apply the privacy obligations whereas You should refrain from any use of the webpages in a vulgar, offensive, illegal or obscene way.

D. In addition, You should not destroy data, disturb others, violate third-party property rights, send unsolicited advertising or promotional material commonly known as "spam" or attempt to influence the performance or functionality of any other features of the website and B2B Portal or features to which you have access through them. Breach of this provision is a criminal offense under Greek legislation. We will disclose any such violation that may come to our notice to the competent authorities. In addition, Stonetech will disclose to the Authorities any information that will be requested from it in accordance with the law.

E. Connection to the website and B2B Portal is only permitted if You act in a fair and lawful manner, and You refrain from any action causing damage to the reputation of Stonetech, or improper exploitation of it. Additionally, it is forbidden to create any connection implying any kind of relationship with us, or approval or support from us when that does not exist. The website and B2B Portal may not be embedded or placed in a frame on any other website. We reserve the right to remove the license to connect without justification, without penalty and without prior notice to You. In any case, the user of the website and B2B Portal is solely responsible for any damage that may be caused to Stonetech due to negligent or improper use of the website or the B2B Portal or the products and services made available through them. You agree to indemnify, defend and release Stonetech and its directors, executives, employees, consultants, representatives and partners from any and all third-party claims, liability, damages and / or costs (including, but not limited to, lawyer fees) arising out of or in connection with the use of the website and B2B Portal by You or your breach of the Terms. In any case, you should notify Stonetech at once at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if it comes to your attention or you have reasonable suspicions or indications that you have done it yourself or it has been made (even at your negligence) any illegal or unconventional use of the website/B2B Portal in order for Stonetech to be in a position to take the necessary measures to limit any damage.


A. Stonetech does not guarantee the correctness, legality, completeness, timeliness, truth, accuracy, quality or reliability of any information or content contained on third party websites, their operation, transmissions and any subsequent changes to these websites, to which You are referred through hyperlinks from our website or B2B Portal. Stonetech may not be directly or indirectly responsible and liable for any damage or loss caused or alleged to be cause by or in connection with the use of or reliance on any content, goods or services available on or through any such linked external website. Stonetech in no way endorses or accepts or approves the content or services of these websites.

B. The websites, to which they refer directly through external links, are selected by Stonetech with due care before the posting of the respective link. However, Stonetech has no influence on subsequent changes to the directly linked websites, as well as to the content of subsequent third-party websites. Stonetech therefore expressly dissociates itself from subsequent changes to directly linked websites, subsequent website content and their providers. Similarly, Stonetech cannot control the collection and processing of your personal data from third party websites and for this reason it is not responsible in relation to such collection and processing.

C. The terms of use and privacy policy of each specific website apply to each third party website. For any issue that may arise in connection with the content or use of third party websites, please contact directly the owner or administrator of the respective website.


A. Stonetech disclaims any liability for any loss or damage arising directly or indirectly, incidentally or consequently, or in any way related to the access to or use of the website/B2B Portal or the receipt of any material posted on them or any webpage linked to them, including, but not limited to, any loss or damage caused by cyberattack, viruses or other malicious software / hardware that may affect your hardware (PC or any other device), your software, your data or other proprietary material or the validity of the information obtained through the website/B2B Portal. Stonetech does not guarantee the uninterrupted and error-free provision of services and content of the website/B2B Portal or the absence of viruses.

B. Stonetech is not responsible, in the event that for any reason, including the case of negligence, the operation of the website and/or the B2B Portal is interrupted or the access to them becomes difficult and / or impossible  and / if, despite the applicable security measures, unauthorized third parties intervene in any way to the content and operation of the website and/or B2B Portal, making them difficult to use or causing problems in their proper operation or by stealing information concerning users' personal data.

C. Stonetech is not liable for gross negligence in any case.

D. Stonetech bears absolutely no responsibility for reasons that are beyond its fault or outside its sphere of influence, especially for reasons due to technical or other weakness of the network or for incidents of accident or force majeure.

E. Stonetech is not liable for any damage caused to You due to, triggered by or on the occasion of any use or navigation of the website in any case, including negligence.

F. Stonetech is not liable in any case for any direct or indirect, positive or negative loss, for lost profits and indirect, consequential, sequent, extraordinary, unforeseen and accidental losses, which include unrealized profits, loss of data, cessation of activity, damage to the reputation or esteem, or for any market cost for substitute products or any other damage, regardless of its nature, that could result from the use of the website and/or B2B Portal or their content or from any inability to use the website and/or B2B Portal, irrespective of whether these damages could have been foreseen, through tort or negligence, on the basis of applicable law or otherwise.

G. In case of a claim for compensation for any reason - except for sale of a product - the total amount of compensation for any irrevocably awarded damage to the user may not exceed the amount of two hundred euros (€ 200).

H. The information, products and services are provided "as is", without any express or implied warranty, including, but not limited to, any implied warranties of merchantability, compliance with a specific description or sample/template, suitability for any specific purpose or special use or non-infringement of the rights of third parties. Stonetech expressly denies any such warranty.

I. Stonetech reserves the unilateral and absolute right to change, modify, revoke or even remove any element, essential or not, of the content of the website or the B2B Portal and bears no liability for any such actions.

J. All limitations of liability set forth in these Terms, which You acknowledge and accept= as a whole as valid and in accordance with good faith and fair trading practice, also apply.


The website provides you with the option to interact with social media. For more information, please see the Use of Social Media Policy and the Social Media Privacy Policy, which form an integral part of these Terms.


Intellectual property rights regarding the software, documents, files, texts, images, graphics, as well as the content of the website and the B2B Portal belong either to Stonetech or to the legitimate beneficiaries and are protected by applicable copyright law. You hold no license or consent to use, in any way, the trademarks or the trade names appearing on the webpages or owned by Stonetech or third parties (producers / suppliers / manufacturers / dealers of the products or services).The appearance and display of the content of the webpages is not understood as a transfer and / or granting of a license and / or the right to use them. You can save, print and display the available content for personal use only. It is prohibited to publish, manage, sell, distribute, totally or partially copy, transfer, process, store, republish, modify or reproduce otherwise, make copies in any form or other exploitation of the website and the B2B Portal or any part of the content or copies of the content that appears on the website and the B2B Portal for any commercial purpose, without the written consent of Stonetech. It is also not allowed to modify, translate, decompile, reconstruct or create derivative works by using any software or accompanying documentation offered by Stonetech or its licensors.



These Terms are governed by and construed in accordance with Greek law.

You agree that you are under the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Heraklion, Crete in Greece.


A. If any part of these Terms is found invalid, void or unenforceable (including any provision in which we exclude our liability towards You), the enforceability of any other part of the Terms shall not be affected - all other conditions will remain fully in force. In any case, if possible, a term / sub-term or part of a term / sub-term may be taken into account separately to make the remaining part valid, the term will be interpreted accordingly. Otherwise, the parties agree that the term should be corrected and interpreted in such way to approximate as much as possible the original meaning of the term / sub-term, in accordance with the law.

B. Any delay in the exercise of part or all of the rights by the parties under the Terms does not entail weakening or waiver of the right in question, which may be exercised at any time at a later stage and according to the reasonable judgment of the holder of the right.

C. The headings contained in these terms are only given for reference purposes and will not affect their meaning or interpretation.


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