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Our goal is to offer the global market products of quality and unique beauty, satisfying the needs of professionals and businesses of all sizes.


Stonetech has a blocks and slabs processing factory near Athens and our Slab Showroom. Our wholesale and export activity spans 40 countries around the world, making our materials accessible in all product types, blocks, slabs, and cut-to-size.

Silver Cloud Quarry

Over the past 40 years our company’s activity and networking has secured our access to all the Greek quarries and to most of the international quarries.
Stonetech has exclusive access to 5 quarries and priority access to more than 10 Greek quarries.

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3.500 M² COVERED

Our slab showroom has the most extensive collection of natural stones from our owned quarries and collaborations. In a covered area of 3.500sqm our visitors can explore our Greek and International materials and shoot the slabs in our professional studio.

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Our processing factory in our headquarters in Heraklion Crete is equipped with the most advanced machinery in our industry, allowing us to deliver globally top-quality products with the most demanding specifications for the most prestigious architectural projects.

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Stonetech Marbles Wholesales




Aliveri Grey Quarry

Aliveri Grey Quarry

Alivery Grey is a world-famous quarry and has been placed in many projects nationwide and abroad. 

It is a chic and warm, dark grey marble ideal for modern spaces. Its silver shades and white veins ...

Silver Cloud Quarry

Silver Cloud Quarry

Silver Cloud is a very unique marble quarried in Volos, Greece owned by Stonetech.

Standing in the perfect balance between the warm and cold colours, Silver Cloud gives a sense of luxury and ...

Didimon Quarry

Didimon Quarry

The most durable Greek marble.

Didimon Dark and Didimon Light are quarried in the area of Northern Peloponnesus.As a calcite marble it has high quality characteristics and properties, but what is ...

Lydia White Quarry

Lydia White Quarry

Lydia marble is one of the most popular Greek white marble with high quality characteristics and properties. Its white background creates the perfect canvas for the cloudy grey and light brown veins.





Stonetech Gonianakis B2B Wholesale ShowRoom, Marbles in Block, Slabs & Cut To Size


The main pillars that support the result of our work are the continuous training and the high specialization of our people, as well as the profound experience we have in the processing of natural stones and surfaces.
Stonetech has exclusive access to five Greek Marble Quarries, Silver Cloud, Aliveri Grey, Didimon, Lydia and Imperial. With priority access to numerous quarries the company supplies a variety of famous Greek marbles in Blocks - Slabs and Cut to size. Our production units are equipped with cutting edge technology with Industry 4.0 standards, processing our blocks, slabs and custom sizes requests with precision and speed..


Stonetech Gonianakis Natural Stones - Greek & Imported Marbles

StoneTech SA

Stonetech is an extroverted company that exports Greek marble in blocks, slabs, and cut to size, to more than 40 countries.



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