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Didimon Quarry

Didimon Quarry

The most durable Greek marble.

Didimon Dark and Didimon Light are quarried in the area of Northern Peloponnesus.As a calcite marble it has high quality characteristics and properties, but what is unique about this marble is its high durability.

As a hard marble it is ideal for interior and exterior flooring and cladding applications.

Didimon Light is a light beige brown color marble with white and brown veins, forming small cloudy shapes. It gives a sense of calm in the spaces applied.

Didimon Dark is a brown grey, hazelnut color marble with soft veins and scarce white shades. When used in flooring applications Didimon Dark has a timeless classical outcome.
When the veins are used in a continuous application the marble gives a modern look and feel.

Available finishes| Polished - Honed - Sandblasted – Bush Hammered – Brushed

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