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Onyx is a sedimentary rock formed by the precipitation of calcium carbonate in very still underground settings (grottos).

It is characteristically translucent with variegated veins of differing dimensions, generally having shades of brown, that give this marble a multi-colored appearance.

Onyx has always been associated with decorations given its transparent and multi-color appearance; unique aesthetic effects can be achieved when onyx is back-lit with neon or led lighting. Onyx is essentially used in interiors. 

Ideal for book-matching, and best used in large dimension applications to show its beautiful flower shapes. Onyx comes in beautiful color ranges and some of the most popular are the Miele Onyx, Pink Onyx, Green Onyx and White Onyx.

Our natural stones collection has a variety of Onyx from South America, Brazil, Peruvian Onyx, also from Afghanistan, India, Madagascar, and the US. We supply onyx in slabs and in any other custom dimension.