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Colored Marbles

Colored marbles include all those that don’t belong to white and semi-white marbles color range.

Both Greek and imported marbles have a large variety of gray, black, brown, beige, red, pink and, green marbles. Greece has a great variety in colored marbles.

From the antiquity until today, green, brown, beige and red Greek marbles have been used in architectural wonders, sculptures and other decorative objects around the world.

In our company and on our website you will find a large variety of colored marbles from Greece as well as imported, available in blocks, slabs and cut to size. The wholesales and supplies departments make a careful selection with the highest quality materials.

Stonetech has exclusive access to five popular quarries where light grey Silver Cloud marble and dark grey marble Aliveri Grey, are quarried. Equally well-known grey marbles are Silver Gray, Pietra Grey and others.

Among the most popular Greek colored marbles are Veria Green, Tinos Green and Verde Oasis. The most famous green imported marble is Verde India or Verde Rajasthan, which you can find in our B2B eshop.

You can search for more colored marbles or register in our eshop to see our offers in slabs, volumes and special dimensions.